Three Lucky Stars

The three brothers were tired every day and decided to go on vacation. What better way to celebrate the holiday than a big party? Come and join the three heavenly brothers, they are ready to host the most exciting party in the world! Most importantly, they promised to make a lot of money during the party, so best not to miss it!

Get ready to party with three lucky stars! With a simple one-line game, the game is suitable for players of all levels. As long as three symbols appear in the middle row of the reels, players will be rewarded!

The best part about the game is that whenever a gold coin symbol appears on the reels, the player will immediately receive the total bet multiplier reward! Even if only one gold coin appears on the reel, the player will still be rewarded! The reward depends on the position of the gold coin on the reel. The first volume (Shou) rewards a 2 times multiplier, the second volume (Fu) rewards a 10 times multiplier, and the third volume (Lu) a 5 times multiplier.1.jpg - 224.78 kB2.jpg - 228.12 kB