Sweet Bakery

Hakiri-chan is a typical Harajuku girl who just opened her own bakery. She has provided generous returns for all new customers, so why not try her products? This is the premise of Sweet Bakery of Spadegaming, an Asian slot machine expert.

With candy-like cute comic-style graphics and some delicious gameplay, this game is full of sweet cakes and other delicious toasts-even royals dressed up as croissants-are ready to provide players with some multiplier rewards. We like to combine sound and visual effects with characters or Hakiri-chan ready to provide some great rewards!

This kind of sweet enjoyment of slot machines is a kind of enjoyment of the display cabinet full of snacks. If you want to make the most of the rewards provided, it is time to choose equity. Spadegaming provides you with a variety of options, ranging from £0.20 to £5000.00 per spin, with plenty of room for maneuver.

We have played the desktop and mobile versions of this game and left a deep impression on players. The interface is hidden under the turntable (desktop) or on the right side (mobile version). Although the personalized settings provided are basic-you can choose from five to unlimited spins without a win/loss limit, and you can also speed up the reels by spinning fast-the design is stylish and intuitive, allowing any player to just click The tap can be up and running in a few clicks.1.jpg - 252.28 kB2.jpg - 242.08 kB