Age Of Gods Mighty Midas

Playtech used to have a series of popular jackpot slots based on Marvel superheroes. Marvel Jackpots has games dedicated to heroes such as Hulk, Spiderman and Thor. When Disney took over Disney, online gambling and Marvel's new owners were not so good, and the jackpot range was reduced.

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Age Of The Gods Medusa Monsters

The next product in Playtech's popular "Age of the Gods" series will take you into the world of Greek mythology. The first slot machine in the series was launched in early 2016 and became a hit in the slot game community. Since then, Playtech has released more than six games in the Greece-themed series. All are equipped with four progressive jackpots-Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power. The latter regularly invests in a life-changing six-figure sum.

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Egypt Spin

Slot machine graphics have made great strides in the past few years, but we had to take a closer look at the beautifully rendered background image that Playtech provided to Egypt Spin to determine whether it was computer-generated or real. Some of the symbols on the 5 reels of the 50 online casino slot games photographed are also very realistic, including classic icons such as Scarab, Angus, Anubis and the beautiful Queen Cleopatra.

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Fire Blaze Golden Macaque

The Chinese Zodiac is composed of 12 animal symbols, of which 6 appear on the scroll. Each symbol has its own auspicious qualities-like a pure and serious rabbit, or a tiger who has the courage to take risks. Each symbol is presented in an exquisite style, making it a real visual enjoyment. The scroll is placed on the pagoda, which is located in a breathtaking valley-the visual effect is really different.

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Blue Wizard

If you love fantasy, Playtech’s Blue Wizard slot machine may be your ideal choice. Playing on a 5x3 grid, this beautiful slot machine offers many opportunities to win big prizes.Blue Wizard is full of stunning graphics, rich features, and some serious high payouts, providing grand prizes, bonus rounds, free spins, wilderness and more.

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Monkey Mania

Monkey Mania is a 3-reel, 8-payline slot machine that can be played on desktop and mobile devices and accepts 0.04-£400 per spin. The symbols you will drop during the game include palm trees, sunglasses, bananas, etc.

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