Ancient Artifacts

This game will take you into the background of ancient Chinese cities. The city is densely populated, with towering red and gray pagodas, ancient stone staircases with magnificent carpets, beautiful trees, flowers and peaceful ponds. You are looking for ancient relics that may help you find treasures and win huge profits.

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Cai Shen Riches

The Caishen Riches slot machine is placed in a dazzling golden background and contains a large amount of jewels falling from two hands. With Chinese music playing in the background music, it feels like you have been taken to a huge wealth area.The reel is set around a geometric gold-plated frame, and the golden dragon is hovering on the additional function tube. The background of the scroll is dark purple-red, and a honeycomb pattern is depicted on the scroll.

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Enter The Ktv

In Asia, KTV bars are huge, and the courtesy ladies there will do whatever they want, sing karaoke to your tonsils. The slot set by the club is disappointing, with its beautiful graphics and smart soundtrack.There are a lot of extra features available, and we really like the innovative combination Free Spins, where the cascade symbol meets the free game. We found that this game is played like a medium-to-high volatility game, with relatively low combo difficulty, but the overall experience is well worth a visit.

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Dynamite Reels

The Dynamite Scroll has only one big bonus feature, but it is explosive.Explosive free spin: 3, 4, or 5 explosive scatter symbols at any position on the reel will reward 10 free spins. Then randomly select a symbol that appears during the free spin and is covered with explosive symbols. These symbols then explode to cover the reels and clear all existing symbols.

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Four Dragon

Wild Dragon: In addition to the spread of coins, the curved dragon is also responsible for the replacement of all other symbols. This symbol only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. In the free spins function, it will take the selected color and multiply the number of wins by a random value.

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Empress Regnant

Ancient Chinese history tells of two famous rulers, one of whom was the powerful and beautiful queen duke. Now you can play Empress Regnant slot machine to win her heart and wealth. This is a 5-reel, 10-pay-line slot machine slot, with free spins, crazy chips and re-spin functions; in addition, both methods can be paid in the transcoding game!

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Lightning God

The God of Lightning is located in the mountains of China, surrounded by Chinese temples and golden dragons. Soft Chinese music plays in the background, making you feel like you are in a peaceful and peaceful area.The reel is set around a barbed gold frame, and the bonus tube contains lightning. The scroll is set against a midnight blue background, surrounded by lightning.

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