Dreams Of American

The American Dream is a progressive video session. The release date of the console is May 2018. The game is developed and provided by Gaming Soft. GamingSoft is a well-known caterer in the B2B and B2C fields, specifically targeting Eastern Europe, Australia and Asia. Its product portfolio is full of many exciting slot machines, including popular games such as Southern Fortune Lions Club, Gummy Wonderland, Phantom Island and Relics.

The censored advertising space is inspired by Route 66 and the myths surrounding it. One of the first numbered highways in the United States that has existed since 1926. It was the inspiration of many content creators from musicians to filmmakers, and was particularly popular in the 1960s because of TV series. As a reel spinner, you will drive through most parts of the United States and observe wild natural sights along the way, visit iconic monuments (including the Statue of Liberty, even if it is not on the original route), and experience the real experience accompanied by rock music American life.

Game highlights

There are five sets, three rows and 243 ways to win. Includes an unlimited number of automatic rotations. Of the 15 icons on the pay table, 3 are special. The "wildness" portraying the eagle does not pay for itself, but doubles the cost of the conventional combination it replaces. The scattered stars will award coin profits. The Statue of Liberty triggers this function. Other participants of the grid include red convertibles, buffalo, fox, Route 66 and diner signs, and cards from Ace to 9.

Three scattered points will unlock the free spin bonus. The volatility of the session is determined by you. Smaller multipliers can choose up to 25 rotations, while higher multipliers can choose up to 6 rotations. You can choose a number between 6, 10, 13, 15, 15, 20, 25, or you think you are lucky.

The three icons of the Statue of Liberty unlock the wheel bonus. Spin to win small, small, large or large progressive jackpots.

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