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What is Play8oy?
When you start gambling with Play8oy, please start playing in the most amazing online casino in Malaysia. Considering the multiple choices offered by Play8oy Casino, players will have many choices. Regardless of your gambling preferences, you will definitely find something that suits your gaming needs in many ways.


Is it safe to play Play80y?
All players, don't worry about copyright. We do get the apk and content source from authorized and verified vendors. The game is managed under a highly secure system and your account will not be displayed in public (private mode). If you want to ask any questions about management, please don't bother and contact our customer support.


How to recharge or redeem Play8oy points?
Before topping up, please make sure you have your own account ID. Register with our customer support and we will help you. The minimum recharge is RM30.00, and the maximum is unlimited.

To recharge, please send us your account ID or name or phone number, and the total number you want to redeem. After payment, please make sure to get the transfer slip via live chat, whatsapp, telegram or WeChat.